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Pick of the Fringe: What's on this week?

Not sure what to see at Brighton Fringe 2021? Don't fret, we've done the work for you and hand-picked this week's top tips. Theatre, comedy, dance and cabaret shows from across Brighton Fringe will be showcasing snippets of their work to whet your appetite every weekend lunchtime. Hosted by Michael Fabbri.

Saturday 26th June

12.30 PM

Bean Spillers

The award-winning team behind Timpson: The Musical is back with a brand new improvised comedy show. Ever called your teacher Mum? Mistook a high-five for a handshake? Or cheated on your husband of twenty-three years with David from HR? The Bean Spillers are here to produce a super silly, spontaneous song about it, before weaving it all together into a narrative story fit for the west end.

We know it's brilliant, but don't just take our word for it. Bean Spillers has been labelled “Bonkers but brilliant!” ( BBC) and “The dawn of a new music-focused comedy collective” ★★★★ (The Stage). They were even featured in The Guardian's Best Shows at the Edinburgh Festival list back in 2018. Plus, it's only £5 to see this AND all the other snippets, so it's a great way to keep your inner bean-counter happy.

Privates: Great Ideas by Geniuses

“Discover a show about the discoveries that changed the world, by people who know nothing.”

It takes a true mastermind to create something so simultaneously idiotic, witty and outright hilarious as Privates: Great Ideas by Geniuses. The show re-visits stories of man’s most miraculous inventions, seen through the eyes of complete fools. You only have to look at their rave reviews and sell-out performances to realise that this wacky formula is an ingenious invention of its own right.

"Highly enjoyable... Absolute magic" ★★★★ (Mumble Comedy)

"A delight to watch" ★★★★ (Radio Ha-Ha!)

"The perfect mix of poignant, absurd and hilarious" (The Wee Review)

Otherplace Award Winner 2019

Turtles Don't Like Plastic

Turtles Don't like Plastic is a fun-filled, feel-good family show with an important message. The talented cast use a mixture of physical theatre, puppetry and clowning to narrate this beautiful under-the-sea adventure, packed full of music and jokes.

The tale follows a turtle, trapped on auses mysterious Island made entirely of plastic. “Can she escape? Can she clean up the Island? And who is the strange monster that lives there? She’s determined to find out!”

“Will bring joy to children and parents alike - ★★★★” - Voice Mag

Perfect for those aged 3+. The performance will be followed by a 10-minute puppet meet-and-greet.

Captain Breadbeard

Captain Breadbeard has baked up a banquet of silly-ssilly sketchesketches and playful stories perfect for lunchtime consumption. Described as “so totally, absolutely, barking mad bonkers and bizarre that there’s no way it should work, but it does.” ★★★★ (Page on Stage), This feast of funny gags and catchy tunes is the perfect show for a family day out.

It may be aimed at families, there’s certainly plenty of laughs for parents too. “I’m definitely not a kid’s show kind of person...” admits Angela Dye from Radio Feversham, “...but this cleverly spans all age groups. You won’t be disappointed.”

Sunday 27th June


Surfing in the Holyland

Surfing in the Holyland is a lighthearted musical dramedy based on Erin Hunter’s time in Israel, where she was nearly disowned by her parents, mystified by her boyfriends’ theological awakening and most importantly...learned to surf.

Twelve characters, four comedy ukulele songs and one woman searching for her inner courage on a surfboard in this fast-paced solo show exploring the immigrant experience, rebirth and female empowerment. After its premiere at JW3 in London last July, and several performances to rapt audiences at Camden Fringe, Theatre Palisades (Los Angeles), and Alsaraya Jaffa Theatre (Tel Aviv), Surfing the Holyland is coming to Brighton.

West End-On Sea

West End-On Sea continues our music-heavy Sunday set. These experienced entertainers offer a charming celebration of theatre and cabaret, belting out incredible renditions of classic musicals numbers.

They're a hit with the press (★★★★★ Latest) and popular with audiences too, promising a beautiful night of music, laughter and song. Just the tonic for anyone missing the West End!

Bean Spillers & Captain Breadbeard will also be performing at Sunday's Pick of the Fringe.

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