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New Dates Added!

Even the most dedicated festival follower can’t catch every show on their watchlist. You may plan your schedule meticulously, but there’ll always be runaway hits and big names that simply slip under the radar.

Luckily, a number of sell-out shows and popular performers are returning to the stage for The Warren Festival 2021. To help you catch up on what you might’ve missed, we’ve compiled a list of festival favourites returning to Fringe this month.

Privates: Great Ideas by Geniuses

26th June | 14:30

“Discover a show about the discoveries that changed the world, by people who know nothing.”

It takes a true mastermind to create something so simultaneously idiotic, witty and outright hilarious as Privates: Great Ideas by Geniuses. The show re-visits stories of man’s most miraculous inventions, seen through the eyes of complete fools. You only have to look at their rave reviews and sell-out performances to realise that this wacky formula is an ingenious invention of its own right.

Their debut Fringe appearance (A Sperm Odyssey) was granted the Otherplace Award back in 2019, after quickly becoming a surprise success with both critics and punters. This year, the Privates cast may have swapped their lycra bodysuits for something a little more comfortable, but their unique brand of comedy remains just as watertight.

"Highly enjoyable... Absolute magic" ★★★★ (Mumble Comedy)

"A delight to watch" ★★★★ (Radio Ha-Ha!)

"The perfect mix of poignant, absurd and hilarious" (The Wee Review)

Click here for tickets.

Do the Thing: The Made Up Musical

19th June | 18:00

Following sell-out shows in 2018 and 2019, this talented three-piece have earned their reputation as

“one of the best musical improv troupes on the circuit" (The Reviews Hub), creating a wonderfully spontaneous musical performance guaranteed to keep you laughing throughout. The chaotic improvisation always seems on the verge of collapse, yet simultaneously smooth and well-refined, creating colourful characters and catchy tunes at the drop of a hat.

With the audience dictating every detail of this made-up masterpiece, you’re sure to experience a completely unique production. Do the Thing: The Made Up Musical is once again selling out fast, so don't miss it!

****½ The Reviews Hub

Click here for tickets.

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