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Family shows not to be missed!

We've still got a jam-packed calendar of family shows here at The Warren running until the 11th July from eco-adventures with Turtles Don't Like Plastic to the Pub Quiz for Kids: Disney Special.

Turtles Don't Like Plastic 26 & 27 June 10.30am 3-12

Physical theatre, puppetry and clowning combine in this magical under the sea eco-adventure for ages 3+ and their families. Following a mysterious storm, a turtle finds herself trapped on a strange island made of plastic that's forever growing. Can she escape? Can she clean up the Island? And who is the strange monster that lives there? She's determined to find out!

Buy tickets here.

Captain Breadbeard's Bready Brilliant Cookbook 26 & 27 June 4.45pm 7+

An absurd two-hander comedy sketch show about a sailor with a beard made of bread and his sidekick, Davy Scones. Fast-paced bready-brilliant fun for adults and children of all ages!

"A wonderfully funny and playful hour of entertainment that will make you laugh your socks off... So totally, absolutely, barking mad bonkers and bizarre that there's no way it should work, but it does." ★★★★ (Page on Stage)

Buy tickets here.

New Parent Club: Gays in Space 29 June 11am 0-12months

New parent? In need of entertainment for grown-ups? Come to these special daytime showings of our evening programme, where you can enjoy some of our best shows with your baby in tow, regardless of whether they are quiet or not. Suitable for adults with babies under 12 months.

Follow the Gays’ tantalising tales of devious destruction as they battle the heinous Hetero Sector! Enjoy a drink or two as a colourful cacophony of creativity causes chaos right in front of your very own eyes! Allow us to take you on a journey into the deepest corners of the atmosphere. Uranus is quaking at the thought of our arrival. So it’s time to grab your Dr. Martens and mesh tops, for no stereotype will make it out alive and no cliché is safe. Marvel at our homosexuals! Gasp at the heterosexuals! Come one, come all to the gayest, sexiest, spaciest show in town!

Buy tickets here.

We All Wobble 3 & 4 July 10.15 & 11.15 4+

Pass the lemonade! Join our two lovable clowns as they weeble and wobble their way through a chaotic picnic. This life-sized roly-poly spectacle is full of hilarious slapstick, near misses, and messy chaos for the whole family. Falling hither and thither, these human sized clown weebles never topple. A bold and colourful performance celebrating the wobbliness of life, because we all wobble! Acá Theatre is an award-winning Kent-based clowning company who create moments for people to laugh together. Using nonsensical language, physical storytelling and colourful costumes, this visual treat is accessible to all. Through clumsy struggle and chaotic fun, our delightfully cheeky clowns put on a magical spectacle celebrating the wobbliness of life.

"Outstanding physical comedians" (Edinburgh Families).

"An abundance of silly acrobatic fun" (Edinburgh Festival for Kids)

Buy tickets here.

Storyteller, Storyteller 10 & 11 July 11.30 3+

What happens when two children's storytellers arrive at the same place at the same time to tell their stories? And what happens if both of them think they are THE Storyteller? A head-to-head that leads to a feast of clowning, slapstick and some magical, non-verbal storytelling, that's what! Family fun from award-winning Story Pocket Theatre Company.

"Quite simply the most brilliant piece of children's theatre ... superb comedic timing and expression" ★★★★★ (Arts Award Voice)

Buy tickets here.

Pub Quiz for Kids 10 & 11 July 2.30pm 5+

Join us for a final family quiz extravaganza with a Disney-themed Pub Quiz for Kids! Story knowledge, picture and music rounds mix with bonus rounds and there is even a dance off (only for the most enthusiastic)!

Suitable for everyone from 5+, this quiz brings youngsters and grown-ups together to remember details of their favourite children’s stories, books, films and TV shows. Costumes are most welcome!

Buy tickets here.

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